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First Impressions Academy


First Impressions is designed with your children in mind. Child enrichment is a key here at our Academy; we strive to keep a low teacher-to-student ratio so each individual gets the one-on-one attention they deserve. Our spacious design allows for plenty of room to fuel this educationally-rich environment, and we work to put each square foot to use so your child is pleasantly engaged with our activities.

We know having a passionate, well-educated staff is only part of providing an exceptional learning atmosphere for young minds. Our staff consistently provides excellent care to each student, and we aim to treat everyone equally - children and parents alike. Our teachers focus on furthering their Early Childhood Education to provide first-class learning. We incorporate both a luxurious indoor and spacious outdoor environment for children to explore, learn, and thrive. Our commodities exude comfort to facility and students throughout their daily learning activities.

Description of Population Served

At First Impressions of Boynton LLC we pride ourselves in our exceptionally diverse student body; our enrollment spans various religions, social and economic standings and ethnicity. We are open and accepting of anyone with a passion to learn and a need to have an environment focused on the enjoyment and teaching techniques that enrich their children’s lives. No matter your background, there is a place for everyone at First Impressions Academy.

We are located conveniently around both residential housing and shopping centers. Our position around and near working professionals, homebodies, and a variety of food establishments creates a unique learning experience submerged in everyday life. Our students see firsthand a mixture of blue-collar workers and upscale professionals that immerses them into a day-to-day experience while remaining safely within the First Impressions Campus. We are located near Boynton Beach and have a variety of buildings surrounding the Academy, including a Wal-Mart, hotels, and a shopping plaza. Come see us on Old Boynton Road or contact our Academy Director.

Parent Engagement

We encourage and fully support parent inclusion in your children’s day-to-day activities. Our parent-engagement solution allows for classroom management and the ability to check developmental milestones with ease, instead of waiting to speak with a teacher. You are as up-to-date as we are about exactly where your child is at. This way, both parents and teachers can communicate about anything and everything needed for success. Parent engagement also features the option to share photos and videos to really jump-start that two-way communication and keep you immersed in your child’s educational life.

Secure & Contactless

In today’s ever-changing world safety and security are a matter of utmost importance. Even though our Academy is located in a popular area, that doesn’t mean our security measures are lax. We work to eliminate unnecessary foot traffic via contactless check in/out with either QR codes, GPS curbside, or a combination of both. Keeping the bodies in and out of the Academy to a minimum helps ensure that everyone inside belongs. Not only have we introduced contactless pickup, but we have implemented other safety hardware to ensure our center is truly secure.

Tuition Collection & Payment

We’ve incorporated the latest technology to make tuition payments hassle-free and easy to manage. Our handy child care app and web platform are available to accept contactless payment the simplest ways; electronic fund transfer (EFT), online or completely automated, or use our app to make an online payment. If you prefer a more old-school approach, we also accommodate in person transactions.

Our Location

3520 Old Boynton Road
Boynton Beach, FL 33436

Sebrea Wilson, Director