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Monthly calendars have a weekly theme that incorporates a wide variety of exploration, but also includes numbers, colors, and shapes. These calendars may be viewed on our website and enable you to ask your child about what they are learning.

First Impressions offers children a variety of learning opportunities through art, music, small and large group activities, circle time and center time. Our classrooms are set up with learning centers for blocks, housekeeping, art, puzzles, science and math, library, music, and writing. Each center offers many toys, books and writing materials designed to promote early literacy, math skills and concepts, and to let imaginations soar. Our libraries offer a wide selection of books from award-winning authors, and we have over 15 books per child. We also offer a Lending Library that allows parent and child to enjoy books at home. First Impressions wants to give every child a love of books and learning.

Before and After School Care

Our school-age program offers morning drop off and afternoon pick-ups from local elementary schools. The afternoon offers a variety of activities ranging from learning centers to homework time. Help with homework is always available!

Tremendous Toddlers

Our toddler program is a loving and nurturing environment that provides many opportunities for play. We encourage their verbal skills through reading, music, and center activities. Toddlers are given the opportunity to improve their growth and fine motor skills through outside activities and inside group play.

Terrific Twos

Our two-year-old program focuses on developmentally appropriate activities along with pre-academic skills. Both large and small group activities throughout the day promote self-help skills and encourage positive self-esteem. Every experience from circle time, lunch, to potty training is an opportunity for a learning experience.

Thrilling Threes

Our three-year-old program addresses the independent needs of the children. Our teachers work with small groups to provide them with the skills they will need for Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK). The three-year-old curriculum incorporates a strong background in Math and Science along with continued language skills.

Fantastic Fours

Our teachers provide the children with phonics activities, math projects, reading readiness lessons, and social skills games that allows them to grow and learn through fun. Our Four-Year-Old program builds the foundation for VPK success.

Holiday and Summer Camp

Our Holiday and Summer camp is available for ages 5-12. We provide students with three nutritious meals a day and off-center activities daily. We are very excited to have air-conditioned school buses for transportation. Activities include the park, movies, museums, bowling, arts & crafts, ice skating, roller skating, airboat rides, local zoos, water parks, swimming lessons, and much more. First Impressions fosters a love of books and learning in every child.