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First Impressions

We believe your child deserves the best education right from the beginning. That’s why First Impressions is so committed to creating a one-of-a-kind educational experience to engage your child’s young mind and encourage varied avenues for learning. We’ve found one of the best tactics to encourage learning is to keep our student-to-teacher ratio low so every student can have the one-on-one attention they deserve. Our campus keeps students happy and comfortable, and our staff is pleasant and engaging with each individual

We work to have the best teachers available to assist with your child’s learning. Our teachers are determined to further their ongoing Early Childhood Education and continue learning new, innovative ways to help young minds bloom. We offer a sizable indoor and spacious outdoor learning environment to help your child soar. These open spaces encourage children to learn, explore and thrive.

Description of Population Served

At First Impressions of Boynton our students experience a little bit of everything culturally with our diverse student body and unique location near a variety of livelihoods. We pride ourselves on having a mixture of students and employees interacting on a daily basis; different ethnicities, varying social and economic standings, and a variety of religious backgrounds intermix on our campus. This distinctive interaction of people and children from all walks of life allows our student body to learn about the differences between people and helps to shape them into more well-rounded individuals.

Our school is located in The City of Boynton Beach, surrounded by municipal offices to the north and the Bethesda Hospital to the south. We are integrated amongst a mixture of business offices, dining experiences, and blue-collar jobs that gives our students a viewpoint of everyday life while remaining safely within the learning walls of the school.

Parent Engagement

Be a part of your student’s daily learning experience. Our fully integrated and complete parent engagement solution allows you to view and track developmental milestones and your students progression without having to physically be at the school. Take advantage of this technology and share photos and videos with your student and our faculty. This two-way communication is a powerhouse of technology and works to ensure the growth and comfort of your student.

Secure & Contactless

Safety is our top priority at First Impressions. Be confident that we’ve taken extra precautions to help ensure the safety of your student and our building with new, contactless check-in/out. We’ve worked to eliminate excessive foot traffic through the use of QR codes and GPS curbside pickup so your little one gets to the right vehicle without the risk of an unknown individual stepping into the school. Our updated security hardware is an additional measure to ensure our campus is truly secure.

Tuition Collection & Payment

We’ve taken the headache out of paying tuition. It is now easier than ever with a variety of options at your disposal - from in-person transactions to convenient online and secure payments, to the use of our child care app and web platform for electronic fund transfer (EFT). Our app is designed with parents in mind to take the hassle out of payments. No matter how you prefer to pay, we’ve got you covered.

Our Location

2214 S Seacreast Blvd
Boynton Beach, FL 33435

Fredricka Brown-Hicks, Director